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by Wizard Farm Music

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Daniel Mayes
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Daniel Mayes An eclectic array of tunes that are interesting but also very accessible. Hard to find a distinct favourite, which is often a great sign of a carefully crafted album! Favorite track: Labyrinth.
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This is an eclectic compilation of original material written and recorded by Matthew Clapis, Craig Watts (Bass) & Justin Clapis (Drums) Wizard Farm between 2013 - 2016. This music is a labor of love and madness


released November 1, 2016

Master Michael Clapis: Engineer, Producer, and Audio Architect Master Mind.


all rights reserved



Wizard Farm Music Hartford, Connecticut

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Track Name: The Thin White Duke And Don Ultra Travel Through Space Via An Infinite Wormhole In The Milky Way Galaxy
4th dimensional travel. I move through time and space.
There is no spec of history that cannot be erased.
It's quite a sight. If only you could see.
Though I must admit that it means nothing to me.
A world with creatures that mold just like silly putty.
Fools set all the rules and everyone is nutty.
But here's the thing, they'll flat deny it all.
Their capability to believe led to their downfall.

Through the motions and the things that you say.
The meaning slips away at once.
Don't remind me it's here that we stay.
Forevermore a charming, loathsome bunch.
Who base their lives on some old fashioned hunch, and wait for some day to come.
When you need it in the worst kind of way, what price will you pay?

Staring right at you. I see your design.
You needed structure so we invented time.
Let's throw a party. We are high on life!
That thought is laughable. Your innocence was ripe.
Yes, you are victims, but this is not a crime.
To put it lightly, you were past your prime.
Not merely words, this is one man's confession.
Now go make your concessions, and languish in obsession.


It is said and done. No different than before.
And I wanted to change. To hope for something more.
But I can't, and you won't catch me reaching out.
I only pray for this to end.

Does not perform to design.

Track Name: It's Too Late (Don't Hesitate)
Take my problems and fears away, what would be left of me?
Came to realize in my dismay, I'm not where I want to be.
There's no mercy that I can see. It ends when we say it ends.
Anything to break free. We never could stand to be on our own.
With our thoughts and alone. Try it out

Take my memories and thoughts away, what would be left of me?
It's our logic we will betray. No chosen destiny.
There's no sign of mercy that I can see. It ends when we say it ends.
Which way should we go? No way to know if nobody can decide.

Within ourselves we will hide.
Finding time we can bide.
Up against the divide.
Lord knows that we tried.

It's there for the taking but if you wait, you miss your chance as you hesitate. Don't let it go to waste. Is it too late?

Hesitate (It's too late). Aggravate (It's too late). Separate (It's too late) Don't make me wait (It's too late). Don't let it go to waste.
Is this my fate?
Track Name: Enigma
*The renegade. The silencer of mystery in the world.
Anticipating keeps you waiting for a grand illusion.
Oasis turned mirage.
Find yourself or you'll find nothing.
No reason for the cause.

See without sight.
Something has to give.
I can never die. For I have never lived.
A question. A call.
To all the non-believers.
I cannot forget. Nor will I forgive.
God or God forbid

Lonely is the one with foolish pride.
Living in the paradox of life.

*repeat 1st chorus

So farewell intuition. Until we meet again.
Escape while you can. If not now when.
There'll be no 2nd chances. No picture perfect end.
Double take and you'll mistake your enemies for friends.
Track Name: Labyrinth
This is the view from the bottom of the mountain.
Pleased to meet you, welcome to the show.
I'm not afraid, to show my personality.
Stoned as I am I shall prevail.

No escaping from yourself. You're caught up in the trap.
Wished away that feeling love, you've emptied out the tap.
No sir no, I will not speak unless spoken to.
Jesus Christ and holy ghosts, the things people will do.

Just imagine that. Consequential match.
Why don't we de-escalate and butter up the catch.

Racing and spiraling out of control.
There's more to learn than you'll ever know.
Nothing is fair. The barrier broke.
Everyone's laughing, but you missed the joke.

Weightless skating at the masquerade. No one knows why.
(They laugh at my frown. So I move without a sound)
I can't feel my face. All my data is erased.
(Memories are replaced)
Never settle for a place in this forsaken tale.

We're not alone unless we are together.
We drink hope and we sleep with despair.
You say you love me and we can make it better.
Reality is a twisted affair.
It's not there
Track Name: An Ode To No-Tail
He's the one, basking in the mid day sun. There's no place he needs to go
Lazy eye, snaggle tooth loves to be high. Knows he doesn't need to know.

Chorus: He lost it all. He lost it all. He never had a tale

Stares and drools. Don't abide by any rules. Firm, indifferent by design.
We've got words. Fancy and oh so absurd. He doesn't pay them any mind

Chorus: He lost it all. He lost it all. He never had a tale

No (oh no), at last you are whole
Track Name: More Sea Weed
What do you have to say for yourself?
Don't assume it's easier being someone else.
What do you have to say for yourself?
Constantly avoid it. Democratic stealth.

And if it happens once again. I'll know this time it's not pretend. Tempt me more than twice. I'll know you're not just acting nice.
Reluctantly you pay the price. They'll steal your life and claim the rights.

What did you have to say for yourself?
When they found the evidence hidden on your shelf.
What did you have to say for yourself?
You've gone and mistaken happiness for wealth.


We're not getting any younger.
Retrace our steps. We're losing what's left.
Do you ever stop to wonder?
Stare at black holes. Where does the time go?
Relentlessly they will entice. You jump for joy. The price is right.

I never wanted something more
Track Name: Satellite Prophets
Dead man searching within the wall.
Come on over, we wanna talk.
I see every little thing you're going through.
I know all your secrets. I know what you do.

There's no need to break.
The prophet was a fake.
Reveal yourself at once.

Dead man searching, withheld in thrall.
Think it over. Can you recall?
Echoes painting pictures of what came before.
Harbingers revealing what we have in store.

Every moment we're moving on.
Here one second and then it's gone.
We inflict the damage and provide the aid.
Exorcise the demons and control the rage.

There's no need to break.
When nothing is at stake.
Face an endless fate.

Prepare to fall.
If it's Heaven or Hell, I'll take that one chance.
Through this fire again I wait.
Holding me back.
Tomorrow I'll be alone.

I fell so far within myself.
Wordless meanings for no one else.
Take the records and wipe them clean.
Let me show you something that you haven't seen.

Am I closer to God?

You're just paranoid

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